A Day in the Life: Atlanta Homeownership Center


Welcome to another edition of our series, A Day in the Life, which will introduce you to HUD employees and highlight the important work they do.

Today we meet Ruth Trembley, a Management Analyst in the Atlanta Regional office.

What is the overarching task of your position? 

In my position, I perform quality control reviews of our nonprofit programs and education and outreach funds. I’m responsible for processing the requests for use of education and outreach funds.

What is your typical day like?  

I’m not sure I ever have a typical day. Depending on what’s the current need from our Directors, it may be to check on the status of a property or special request from headquarters. Now, I spend a great deal of my time training and mentoring our Program Support staff. I was given the privilege of participating in the Phased Retirement program. We have a small staff and the work I complete is different from anyone else in the division. This allows me time to share my knowledge of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and all my different work assignments.

How long have you been in your current role? 

My career started at HUD in October 1986 as an Endorsement Clerk. In my current role, I have weathered all the changes from 1998 when the Atlanta Homeownership Center was first created. My position titles have changed and sometimes work processes but I embrace the challenges and the changes.

Most exciting part of your job? 

I really enjoy speaking at training events for industry professionals and the public about FHA. Currently, I’m part of the Employee Engagement Committee and enjoy sharing and commenting on ideas for employee engagement.

Most challenging part of your job?   

It’s researching of nonprofits who may be using FHA improperly and keeping up with the various changes here in Program Support.

Where did you work prior to your position at HUD?

I worked at the Safety Office in Fort Bragg, NC processing Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations and providing daily reports on the heat stress index for soldiers completing physical training.

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Joe Phillips is a Public Affairs Officer in HUD’s Atlanta Regional office.

A Day in the Life: Atlanta Homeownership Center
A Day in the Life: Atlanta Homeownership Center

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