Thought of the Day

The more one gives, the better one feels; and the better one feels, the easier it becomes to give.

Thought of the Day

We should invest in people, not ideas. A good idea is often destroyed by bad people, and good people can always make a bad idea better.

Thought of the Day

Trust the power of your intention over the promise of certainty

Thought of the Day

Hypothetically, if you were to begin asking the world – best friends, complete strangers, or natural born psychics – why some things haven’t worked out the way you wanted, how other things got so crazy, or what might be wrong with you (oh, please, no), they’d have answers. Oh, yeah.

Of course, at first they’d be taken aback that you even asked, but they’d hide this so as not to hurt your feelings, quickly accept the authority you surrendered, and then talk their little heads off with reasons, rationale, and insight… glad to be recognized and sincerely happy to be of service. And you’d both be further convinced that you have “issues.”

So, let’s not ever invent such opportunities.



Thought of the Day

When we have a clear sense of where we’re going, we are flexible in how we get there.

Thought of the day

Self-confidence is the ability to exercise restraint in the face of disrespect, and still show respect in response.

You are the right person!

You are the right person, this is the right time, you’ve paid your dues, you’re thinking the right thoughts, you’re doing the right things, and this very moment, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be… poised for the happiest time of your life.



What are you focusing on?

The more we focus on what our competition is doing, the less we focus on who we are.

Something good is going to happen to me

Every morning when you wake up, you should declare, “Something good is going to happen to me today!”  You have to set the tone at the beginning of each day.  Then all throughout the day, you should have this attitude of expectancy.  Your expectation is your faith at work.  When you expect good breaks, expect people to like you, or expect to have a great day, you are releasing your faith!  That’s what allows good things to be attracted to you and God goods to work releasing His blessings!

Thought of the Day

Focus on money and we will make money.

          Focus on impact and we will make an impact.