Sitting down with a client to review their options

I was sitting down today reviewing all the loan options for a client and it still gets me excited to be helping my clients with a mortgage.  I really enjoy working with the numbers and the different mortgage loans available in Utah.  Each mortgage loan has benefits and disadvantages.  Some have higher payments but less money down.  Other have a larger down payment but less per month.  I feel it’s important to review all the options for a mortgage with each client because they are more involved in picking the right mortgage or Home Loan for them.  Many times client will come in with an idea of the type of loan they want but leave with a fuller understanding of that loan or even end up changing their minds with taking a review of the other loan options that are out there.

Call me today if you are interested in a full review of your mortgage options!  I can help you buy, build or refinance a home!

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