The 2 biggest issues holding people back from buying a home

One of the biggest issues that hold people back from buying a home is the down payment. There are many options to help clients into a home loan including Low to No down payment options.  There are great 100% financing options.  The next option is 3.5% down which can be gifted!
Did you know you can remove the monthly mortgage insurance with as little as 7.15% down!  You DON’T need 20% down!  Don’t let down payment stop you from being a home owner!
The second biggest issue that holds people back from buying a home is their credit reports.  MANY people don’t understand how their credit works.  I have been working with people’s credit reports for over 18 years and I know how to get the most out of your credit score.  I can help build your credit and give you the tips to raise your score.  If needed, I can help you dispute old or paid off accounts.  In as little as 30 days I can help you boost your credit score!  In some cases, it takes longer so the sooner we start, the FASTER you will be in a home!!
Call today and let’s review your credit!  Tap into my experience and get the most out of your credit score!

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